This lesson will describe the basic thoughts on the first part of the swing. Use these checkpoints to minimize deviation. Stop at each checkpoint and look at where the club is. Verify that it is in exactly the right spot. Feel it. Repeat it. Go slowly and you will see how it all fits together.

The "Turn" is a simple small hip turn. Take your stance and prepare to swing. Once your grip is set and your mind is made up to start the swing, begin by making a small turn with the hips until the club head is even with the toe of your right foot. Stop there. That is it. Do it again. The club head will only move about a foot and it is done. You will think I am crazy but that is a very important move in the swing. That little move does so much you will be amazed. The first thing it does is establishes your balance. Poor balance is the hardest thing to fix in a golf swing. The second thing it does is keeps the wrists passive. Active wrists early in the swing make Sergio look like a genius but it will not keep money in your wallet. The third thing is that it helps you focus on tempo. We all swing so quickly that the whole thing is over in a second. Try to make it last a second and a half and the results will be amazing. Practice this little move until you are sick of it.

The next checkpoint is the "Point". From the first movement, the "Turn", lift your swinging arms another few inches while continuing to rotate your hips so that the club shaft is pointing straight back away from your target and parallel to the ground. The club should be just off your right hip but essentially in front of you. Your elbows are still attached to your side. It is important that the club head be pointing straight up. Recap; straight back on target line, shaft parallel to the ground, club head pointing straight up. Repeat this many times from the end of the "Turn". Then, blend the "Turn" and the "Point" together until you understand the concept and feel that it happens as one move. Stop and check each position and then continue to blend them together.

The "Lift" section is the hardest part. While you are still in the "Point" position, lift the club head towards your head by pushing the grip end away from you with the heel of your left hand. Imagine your are trying to point your thumb straight up. At the same time, lift your arms until the left one is parallel to the ground. Stop when the club is pointing straight up. At this point, your club should be 90 degrees to your arm and the ground. You should feel comfortable and under no strain. This is a fully cocked position ready to strike balls. Recap; push left heel away, lift club to have shaft point straight up, straight left arm parallel to the ground.

Here is another way to duplicate this position. Stand at address, comfortable and ready to swing. Without moving your wrists or changing your grip in any way, simply lift your arms until they are pointing straight away from you and the club shaft is pointing straight up. Now, turn to the "Lift" position. From the lift position, you can also turn back to the front.

Practice each position until you are positive they are right. The lesson is to blend all three positions into a smooth take away. Once you have mastered this, you will eliminate many problems in the swing.


This tip is a suggestion from The Club Shack